Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Great New! Yippee!

One of my special orders from USA just arrived.

Stay tuned and look out for great TUPPERWARES items specially from USA.

(individual photos will be uploaded soon)

Assorted keepers - cucumber,apple,tomato, subway, oyster,bagle/hamburger with midget set

Freezemate with dial ~ your freezer essential

Kids stuff & growing set - snack cups (shrek/toy story) assorted, sippy cups, spoon/fork sets and lots more

Water Tumblers with spout/sipply - Hello Kitty and assorted

Kids bag , Elegant vase, Unique tooth pick holder (can accom 250pcs)

Gadgets - salad tongs, peelers, tumbler, keychains

Jello set, Pooh special plate/tray

Tri flow Milk Bottle with teat & formula dispensers

Salad bowls, and lots more.

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