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APRIL 9 - 29,
APRIL 9 - MAY 13 2011

Microwave Luncheon Plates –RM150.00
Available April 9–29, 2011
Now in exclusive color!
Anyone with an active, busy family will appreciate this product pairing. Ruggedly dependable, these serving pieces look great on the table, are guaranteed to last a lifetime and work in the microwave, so reheating or keeping meals warm is a snap.
· Set of four. · 91⁄2"/24 cm. · In exclusive Apricot. · Dishwasher safe.

Oval Accessory Organizers
Available April 9–29, 2011
Trendy, on-the-go storage!
Here’s a complete, innovative organizational solution that, due to its unique design and construction, holds more than the compact size suggests!
These trendy containers work together to store and transport a wide variety of items – from personal care items to home, business or school supplies. The entire set is small
U.S.: Mid-April Brochure 2011 consumer promotions
enough to slip into a purse, briefcase or backpack, yet the unique, flexible tops can expand to fit your needs. Each container features a flexible, expandable top and a sturdy hinge clasp.
· · ·
Set includes two Oval Organizers. Dishwasher safe. In Fuchsia Kiss.


Available April 9–May 13, 2011
Saves time, energy and money
A microwave oven uses around half the energy of conventional cooking and saves you valuable time. This two-pc. set of microwave-safe pitchers is perfect for melting butter, chocolate, glazes, gravy and more, right in your own microwave. For added convenience, you can stack the smaller on top of the other to prevent splatters.
Includes one 1-cup/250 mL Pitcher and one 2-cup/500 mL Pitcher that can be hinged together.
Use them to melt butter, chocolate, glazes, gravy and more.
Stack to reduce splattering in the microwave.
Includes standard and metric measurements.
In Rhubarb.
Dishwasher safE

Snack Cup Set @ RM130.00
Available April 9–29, 2011
Buy 4, get another set of four FREE—that’s a total of eight Snack Cups. 4-oz. capacity. Includes virtually airtight and liquid-tight seals, so they’re perfect for taking
along in a purse or lunch bag for on the go. Goldenberry seals.
Buy 1 set, get the second set FREE!
Small containers make beautiful “gift wraps,” too!
They’re the perfect little gift boxes! With their virtually airtight and liquid-tight seals, you can fill these neat 4 oz. containers with small gifts, jewelry, accessories, candies, baked goods, etc. and give as Mother’s Day gifts.
They’re also great for storing small quantities in cupboard or fridge, such as extra fixings for meal preparation or ingredients needed for meal prep or baking. Seals include a small tab for easy removal.
Dishwasher safe

Spring Lunch Set @ 195.00
Available April 9–May 13, 2011
Great for an on-the-go gift!
This set lets mom or anyone else take healthy, inexpensive meals on-the-go. Just think of the great Mother’s Day present it would make! All you need to do is add a card and deliver!
CrystalWave® Soup Mug
Reheat soups, hot cereals, instant noodles, sauces and more in the microwave.
2-cup/500 mL capacity. · Grape Fizz with Snow White Vent cap.
CrystalWave® 21⁄2-cup/590 mL Container
Store and reheat from a single container. · Save money and eat healthier· Grape Fizz with Snow White vent cap.
12-oz./330 mL Tumbler
· Includes virtually airtight and liquid-tight seal with flip-top spout. · Grape Fizz seal.

Spring Tumblers* - @ RM190.00
Available April 9–May 13, 2011
Festive beverage set is made for active lifestyles
These eco-friendly, beautiful, reusable tumblers feature colorful fruits in festive spring patterns.* They’re lightweight yet rugged, so you never have to worry about safety. Flip- top spouts on seals are an added, on-the-go convenience. As an added bonus, we’ve included an insert with six health- friendly, fruit-infused, flavored water recipes.
· Set of six. · 16-oz./470 mL capacity. · Includes virtually airtight and liquid-tight seals with convenient, flip-top spouts. · Also includes insert with fruit-infused, flavored water recipes. · In Blue. · Dishwasher safe.

Microwave Cereal Bowls – RM160.00
Available April 9–29, 2011
Now in exclusive new colors!
Anyone with an active, busy family will appreciate this product pairing. Ruggedly dependable, these serving pieces look great on the table, are guaranteed to last a lifetime and work in the microwave, so reheating or keeping meals warm is a snap.
U.S.: Mid-April Brochure 2011 consumer promotions· Set of four. · 2-cup/500 mL capacity. · Virtually airtight and liquid-tight seals add versatility and on-the-go capability (remove seals before
microwave reheating). · In exclusive Hot Pepper/Orange Peel. · Dishwasher safe.

Large Hourglass Salt and Pepper Shakers
@ RM90.00

Available April 9–29, 2011
Value-packed pairing!
This pair of popular shakers can complement any table setting and work especially well in a Tupperware® Impressions table setting. Virtually unbreakable, they’re also great for patio dinners, picnics and parties at the beach.
The removable seals make them easy to refill, and the flip-top openings keeps contents fresh and moisture free for easy shaking. And for a limited time, this set is an excellent value at this special price.

3⁄4-cup/177 mL capacity each. Hinged seal keeps contents fresh. Natural with Goldenberry seals. Dishwasher safe.

Kitchen Prep Spatula @ 89.00
Available April 9–May 13, 2011
Assures ease of control
Prepare meals in complete confidence with this contemporary design spatula that offers an ergonomic design in a durable package. It helps make any kitchen prep task easier and more enjoyable.
· ·
Rounded angles and thin, beveled edges offer easy flipping and turning.
Hard part resists temperatures up to 392° F/200° C.; soft part resists temperatures up to 176°/80° C
Align CenterImpressions 11-oz./330 mL Tumblers
@ RM155.00

Available April 9–May 13, 2011
Ideal for outdoor entertaining!
Whether used indoors or outdoors, our colorful, stylish Tupperware® Impressions Tumblers with Drip-LessTM Straw Seals are perfect for today’s active lifestyles. They feature a contemporary, yet rugged design that’s virtually unbreakable. The unique design looks great and helps ensure tumblers don’t slip from wet hands.
With the large seal tabs, sealing the tumblers to prevent spills is easy. Simply insert a standard-size straw through the self-sealing opening in the seal for portable or on-the-go use.
Includes Drip-LessTM Straw Seals that minimize spills (straws not included). Set of four. In exclusive Fuchsia Kiss. Dishwasher safe.

Tupperware One Touch Canisters
Set Hearts & Flowers Red
@ RM260.00

Set includes Large 17½ cup/4 L, Medium 12-cup/2.8 L, Small 8-cup/1.9 L and Jr. 5-cup/1.2 L canisters. Set of four

Great Mother’s Day gift!
Seal in freshness and save. Keeping dry foods fresh on the counter is a snap with this set of four Hearts and Flowers One Touch® Canisters. These contemporary containers are opaque to maintain the freshness of foods that are best kept out of direct sunlight. And the delightful Hearts and Flowers artwork design* and Passion seals add a fresh touch of color to your counter.
Sealing in freshness is a one-step job, thanks to the virtually liquid and airtight One Touch® seals. Just place your thumb in the center and push down. To open, press with your thumb or heel of your hand and lift the round-edged seals with your fingers.
Ideal for dry foods. Large 171⁄2-cup/4 L, Medium 12-cup/2.8 L, Small 8-cup/1.9 L and Junior 5-cup/1.2 L canisters. Snow White canisters with Red Hearts and Flowers artwork* and One Touch® seals in Chili

Rectangular Sandwich Keepers
@ RM120.00

Available April 9–29, 2011
Helps keep your subs together
Looking for a place to safely stow a sub or wrap to take with your for lunch? This pair of larger-sized Keepers is just what you’re looking for. They have the same great features as our regular Keepers, including hinged, one-piece construction and a snap-shut, easy- open-and-close clasp. They’re the perfect companions to the Personalized Tumbler.
· Includes set of two hinged, one-piece Rectangular Sandwich Keepers.
· Each can hold a larger-sized sub sandwich, wrap or snacks. · Easy-to-open, one-piece containers feature secure snap-shut clasp. · No seals to keep track of or get lost. · In Grape Fizz. · All pieces dishwasher safe.

@ RM75.00

ideal giftable, available three weeks only
Here’s a fun new gift idea that everyone will enjoy – especially mom! It’s a unique beverage tumbler with a Clear exterior and removable insert that lets you customize it with artwork or 5 x 7"/12.7 x 17.8 cm photos.

The Tumbler includes a paper insert that mom can give her kids (or to the grandkids) to create their own special message or artwork. Or download the “Express Yourself” Tumbler artwork template provided on Every time she refreshes herself at work or home, she’ll have a special reminder from some of the most important
people in her life. Plus, it can be updated with new photos or artwork over time.
Here’s how it works: Place the insert/template on a 5 x 7"/12.7 x 17.8 cm photo, artwork or piece of art paper. Outline the shape of the template on the photo or paper. Cut around the outlines you drew. Then insert the photo or artwork inside of the tumbler.

Remove insert from Tumbler for access to the paper insert or to insert a photo. · Tumbler is 8 oz./250 mL. · Snow White/Orange Peel. · Insert is virtually liquid-tight, so there’s no need to disassemble while cleaning. · Hand washing recommended.

CrystalWave® Goody Box Set @ RM210.00
Available April 9–May 13, 2011
Great for an on-the-go gift!
A beautiful, totable set of microwave-ready containers in bright new colors make for on-the-go fun in this exclusive set. Just think of the great Mother’s Day present it would make!
With just one hand, you can take four microwave- reheatable dishes at once. It’s the perfect solution for pot-luck dinners, extended family holiday buffets or pre- planning four reheatable lunches for the work week.
· 31⁄2 cup/850 mL. · Set of four microwave-reheatable CrystalWave®
Goody Boxes with vented seals. · Includes removable Cariolier handle. · Dishwasher safe

Fiesta Salsa Set @ RM260.00
Available April 9–May 13, 2011
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style
Serve fresh, deliciously nutritious, homemade salsa along with chips, right at home. Set includes:
Chip 'N Dip
· ·
Includes 11⁄2-gallon/5.7 L Chip Bowl with cover; doubles as divided serving tray.
Also includes two 16-oz./500 mL microwave-reheatable Dip Bowls with virtually liquid-tight seals that hook onto the edge of the Chip Bowl, providing easy access to dips, salsa or salad toppings.
Chili Keepers
· Set of two. · Store peppers, use as fun servers or give them to the kids as a toy. · One in Red, the other in Green.
Simple IndulgenceTM Southwest Chipotle Seasoning Blend
· Smoked jalapeño pepper, cilantro, garlic, onion, salt and tomato blend.

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